About Steel Building HQ

For the past 5 years the team at Steel Building HQ has been working hard to create the ultimate steel building resource. Today SteelBuildingHQ.com is one of the most popular steel building websites, with more than 1,000 local steel building suppliers listed. Based out of Austin, Texas, Steel Building HQ currently works out of a steel building with an open floor plan. As our business has grown, so has our office. Having our office built from prefab steel materials helped us save a ton of money, and has made it easier to expand.

Steel Building HQ Quick Facts

  • Based out of Austin, Texas
  • 17 Employees
  • More Than 1 Million Visitors Last Year
  • Thousands of Steel Building Companies

If you'd like more information, or are interested in listing your steel building company on SteelBuildingHQ.com contact us by email or phone.